TPE Material Processing


Thermoplastic elastomer TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

Is a material as rubber with a high elasticity, high strength, high resilience, and the processing characteristic of injection molding.

With the environmental friendly awareness (Safe non-toxic); wide range of applications on high-quality easy to color, soft touch, weatherability, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, superior performance of processing, no need vulcanization treating, can recycle to cost down; do the secondary injection molding on conglutinating with the matrix material coated as PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS etc., also a separate molding.

  1. Use an ordinary processing on molding machine for thermoplastic molding, no needs special processing equipment.
  2. A substantial increase in production efficiency. Vulcanize directly by rubber injection molding machine, reduce the time from Original about twenty (20) min. to within one (1) min.
  3. Easy recycling and utilization, reduce costs. Used TPE products can be recycled to reduce environmental pollution, expand the source of renewable resources.
  4. Energy saving. Most of the thermoplastic elastomer does not require vulcanization or short-time vulcanization treat, effectively save energy. For example, high-pressure hose production on energy consumption: rubber 188MJ/kg, TPE 144MJ/kg, can save 25% above.
  5. A wider range of application. TPE with the advantages of rubber and plastic, that expands into new applications for   the rubber industry.
  6. Use for plastic enhancement and toughening modification. Strong self-reinforcing, products prescription simplified, the effect of the compound to the polymer is small, and the performance on quality is easier to control.
  7. Different thickness of the film can be by different processing, that to reach multi-layer film fit, adhesive to the different material, and printing etc., use of needs.
    As a new energy-saving rubber of new raw material, the development prospects are very good.

The ranges of applications: leisure, sports, and easy to carry containers.

The performance of product:

Excellent transparency, flexibility, and lower prices, with a broad design of space.With a good anti-ultraviolet, weatherability, high-temperature, long-term used for outdoor.

Thermoplastic elastomer not only has both the thermoplastic processing properties but also has the physical properties of vulcanized rubber, can be described as the advantages of plastic and rubber combination.